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Now more than ever it’s vital to protect vaccine efficacy during distribution. A task that demands precise temperature control be maintained at every stage of the journey from production to patient.

Thermo King is supporting
the vaccine rollouts with:

Refrigerated 2-8°C
Frozen -20°C
Ultra-cold -70°C
+30°C -70°C

every step
of the way

Thermo King can guarantee the integrity of vaccines shipped across end-to-end cold chains with transport refrigeration technologies that extend to ultra low temperatures – down to -70°C.

From market-leading transport refrigeration products and cold storage solutions to expert guidance and comprehensive in-field service support, our PharmaSolutions are helping vaccine manufacturers and distributors meet their objectives.

End-to-end transport
& cold storage

100% GDP compliant
refrigeration technology

All equipment contained within Thermo King’s PharmaSolutions range has been tested in line with GDP guidelines. This includes testing under extreme ambient temperatures from -30°C to +40°C to ensure your cargo’s safety around the world.

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To maintain confidence in the integrity of every vaccine shipment, Thermo King Connected Solutions provides real-time visibility into the location, set point, and ambient temperature associated with each individual load.

You can track, trace, and monitor every shipment as it happens, interact with units in response to local conditions, and gain alerts of any problems in time to act.

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Supporting our vaccine distribution technologies is an award-winning international dealer network offering 24/7/365 support from over 500 service points.

In addition, Thermo King offers a range of service packages geared towards preventative maintenance, breakdown coverage, and proactive fleet monitoring.

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